Maxdome register process.

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Maxdome register process.

Project information

Project: Online register process
Client: maxdome GmbH
Industry: Video streaming
Company: maxdome GmbH
Location: Unterfohring
Date: April 2014

In 2014, I had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for Maxdome, a company belonging to ProsiebenSat1, where I developed the UX/UI and FE of the registration process for their video platform. My main goal in this project was to improve the user experience during the registration process, which meant making the process easier, more accessible, and faster.

Early on in the project, I found that the registration process could only be done via a desktop computer, which significantly limited the number of users who could register on the platform. To address this issue, I proposed a solution that would allow users to sign up via their mobile devices.

I implemented this solution by making the registration process fully responsive, which meant that it would automatically adjust to the screen of any mobile device. To do this, I worked closely with the company's design and development team to ensure the sign-up process was simple and easy to use on any device.

After implementing this responsive solution, we noticed a significant improvement in the number of users registering on the platform. New users could easily sign up from their mobile devices, making the process faster and more accessible. It also improved the user experience, which meant that they were more satisfied with the platform overall.

In conclusion, the project was really interesting. I was able to develop the UX/UI and FE of the registration process for the video platform, as well as implement a responsive solution that allowed the use of the system on mobile devices, substantially improving the registration process for new users. I feel proud to have been part of this project and to have contributed to improving the user experience on the platform.