BBL All Star Voting.

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BBL All Star Voting.

Project information

Project: Beko BBL All Star Voting
Client: Basketball Bundesliga
Industry: Sports
Company: apareo Deutschland GmbH
Location: Munich
Date: December 2013

The first company I worked for in Munich was a small digital agency specializing in developing web projects for sports-related companies. The projects were almost always developed with Pimcore CMS.

Among all the projects I was working on, one of the ones I remember best was the online voting system for the All Star of the German Basketball League (BBL).

For this proposal we had absolute creative freedom but always conditioned to the fact that it should be implemented in a responsive system, therefore users should have the same options if they used a computer, mobile phone or tablet.
To do this, the idea was to create a mobile-first module that could be implemented on the BBL website regardless of the device used.

Pen and paper prototypes
Pen and paper prototypes

So, I got down to work: once I had analyzed the data that should be managed and defined the workflow that was going to be followed, the first thing I did was prepare different proposals on paper about how the different screens could be and in turn start to think about the possible interactions. Thus, we created a paper prototype of our proposal and were able to test it internally.

Once we obtained the first conclusions, we were able to define exactly what the agreements were going to be like and the different interactions between them. The next step was the production of the designs. In this case (and at that time) they did it with Fireworks, shortly before Adobe decided to discontinue it, which in my opinion was a very bad idea, since concentrating web design with Photoshop or Illustrator didn't work... but that's another topic for another article.

UI designs
UI designs

Finally, once the screens had been developed and approved, a high-fidelity prototype made with HTML and jQuery was produced and presented to the client. We immediately got very positive feedback and were able to move on to the production phase. In it we also started with an advantage, since we were able to take advantage of the code created for the prototype and reuse it in the production of the final deliveries.